Strategic Overview

Lydney Town Council’s Strategic Plan is guided by three fundamental elements:
our vision, our mission and community values.
Our vision is the desired future toward which our entire strategic plan is directed. It describes a future view of our community that we are committed to achieving.
Our mission describes both our purpose and our practices. It acknowledges that the town serves multiple stakeholders, and all of their interests are important to us. Our mission also speaks directly to our employees, without whose tremendous effort and contributions we can never achieve our goals.
Both our vision and mission are founded on the values that guide all our actions and decisions. These values reflect what we expect from both our employees and our elected officials.
The town’s strategic plan is a continual work in progress. Over time, new priorities, new opportunities, new demands and new challenges will emerge, and incorporating annual business plans into the town’s strategic planning process ensures us the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to these changing directions.
Lydney Town Council is a forward thinking and proactive Council which strives to provide an active and pleasant quality of life for the residents of the town and surrounding areas.
The town is shortly to see a change in it’s layout with the development of land to the East of Lydney. Smaller developments already in place have presented new challenges to the town as a whole. It is the Town Council’s intention to identify the way in which the community can be best served for the short, medium and long term.
The Council will also ensure robust risk management as an essential feature of good governance.  It is vital to recognise that risk management is not about health and safety, but applies to all aspects of the Town Council’s work.
Finally, the Council recognises that any loss of service provision affects the community; it is the responsibility of all Members and Employees to ensure that Council resources are not placed at unnecessary risk.
Additional Strategic Documentation:
For information on the adopted Core Strategy (2002), Allocations Plan (2018) and the Lydney Air Quality Management Order please contact Forest of Dean District Council or visit
For our mission, vision and values to have significant impact they must be accompanied by deliberate plans of actions with consideration given to identifying the requisite resources in order to move us toward our desired future; improving Lydney’s sustainability and social cohesion.
Each year the Town Council and its Committees review the Strategic Overview Document; a budgetary sum is then apportioned, aimed at furthering our strategic objectives for a particular year; these goals and actions are measurable targets, set against both the Strategic Overview and the Town Council’s Budget Overview Document and Yearly Action Plan.
Raising our Entrepreneurial Capacity
In order to aid us in achieving our strategic goals we also intend to increase our entrepreneurial capacity.