Lydney Town Council Needs You!

Are you interested in wanting to help your local community, to ensure local provisions for both the young and old are maintained and enhanced?
Could you become a Councillor?
Becoming a councillor is a most rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to help your local community and be part of a dedicated team providing key services for your area.
Being a councillor is a great way to gain political experience and useful skills in public speaking, debating and problem solving.
New councillors are good news. They mean fresh ideas and fresh enthusiasm.
To be eligible you must be:
  • A British subject or a citizen of the Irish Republic or the EU and resident in the UK.
  • At least 18 years old on the day you are nominated.
  • Either on the electoral register for the council area in which you are seeking election, or have
  • lived or worked in that council area for at least the last twelve months.
In accordance with section 80 of the Local Government Act 1972, a person is disqualified from being elected to a local authority if he/she:
  • is employed by the local authority, holds a paid office under the authority
  • or holds a politically restricted post within a local authority, as defined in s.2 (1) of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989; or
  • is subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order; or
  • has within five years before the day of election been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more (including a suspended sentence) without the option of a fine; or
  • has been disqualified under Part III of the Representation of the People Act 1983 (which relates to donations and other offences).
Do I have the time?
It is possible to spend much of your time on council work but the vast majority of councillors have full-time jobs, families and hobbies.
Unless you take on responsibility as a Chairman or Vice-Chairman of a committee, your work for Lydney Town Council should not involve more than a few meetings a month (although this depends on the number of committees/panels you serve on).
In addition to this there are community consultancy discussions and public forums all of which you enable you to engage actively with the community and local issues.
How much do I need to know?
You are not going to be expected to take direct responsibility for running the council on the first day you are elected. The main qualifications are an interest in your community and a willingness to learn.
Knowledge, experience and confidence will soon follow.
You will receive support from the Town Clerk and Council Officers who are there to help you, they are professionally trained staff who are employed to carry out the lawful functions and duties the Council.
You may also ‘call’ upon the experience of a fellow council member!
In addition you will be encouraged to attend training sessions provided by GAPTC and the District Council.
Can I afford it?
Lydney Town Council will pay a basic allowance to cover reasonable expenses incurred subject to prior agreement.
What should I do if I am interested?
You may like to consider attending the Town Council Meetings which will provide you with ‘firsthand’ experience of how Lydney Town Council conduct council business, giving you a better understanding as to the work of a councillor and the commitment involved.
Whilst the ‘term’ of election is usually for that of a 4 year period, Council member vacancies do occasional occur mid-term, these such vacancies are publicised on the Council Notice Boards, and on our Website and Council publications. Such vacancies are then addressed by either means of a Bye – Election or Co-option.
To find out more about becoming a member of Lydney Town Council contact:
The Town Clerk
Tel: 01594 842234
Or contact: The Elections Dept, Forest of Dean District Council