Press Statements


Lydney Town Council’s Mission Statement

‘Lydney Town Council is dedicated to meeting the needs and aspirations of the whole community , to improving the quality of life for people living in Lydney and to enhance the attractiveness of the town as a place in which to live, work, visit or invest.
Corporate Objectives
  • To provide a strong and independent voice for Lydney
  • To provide high standard and cost effective services
  • To preserve and enhance the traditions, character and identity of our Market Town
  • To promote Lydney as a clean, safe, welcoming and socially inclusive town for all
  • To support, maintain and promote the use of local facilities
  • To encourage appropriate developmental growth
  • To encourage citizenship and localism
  • To work in partnership with others to achieve more for Lydney and its surrounding areas’

Our Vision

1. A flourishing local economy where quality jobs are available locally

2. Caring and efficient medical and welfare provision for all
3. Educational and youth provision that raise aspirations and encourage community engagement
4. Meeting places and activities that keep our elders engaged, fit and active
5. A high standard of sport and leisure provision that serves the whole community
6. Space suitable for both performance and participation in the Arts
7. Enhancement and protection of green spaces both within and at the edge of the town engagement
8. Infrastructure provision to meet the needs of a growing modern community